Detritus 136

> The ecstasy of influence




> Feel like re-tuning one of your synths? Try Lil Miss Scale Oven


> Two updates in the same day! Max 6 and Pixelmator 2


> Age-appropriate Music?



> Between Music and Sound Design: an Interview with Composer Cliff Martinez


> microscopic art: lives within a drop of water



> Great art print of Moog modular – check the glow in the dark roll-over version


SoundTorch seems quite a wacky way to find/audition sounds from your library… it’d especially be fun if you were browsing loops of the same tempo = instant improv! Appears to be PC only…


> Maybe the most astute comments re ProTools 11, HDX and AAX


> Just ordered one of these great little Nano oscilloscopes for some modular synth eye candy!


> Since its Friday, here is your (3 minute) moment of zen:


2 thoughts on “Detritus 136

  1. LA audio

    Flat Top can still be found performing around LA. Saw him @ Venice Beach & Universal Studios a few years ago. Amazing to know he sings.. when I saw him it was dance only. A must-see if you’re in LA and get the chance.. plus, hearing P Funk blasting on the Venice boardwalk is priceless!

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