Detritus 138


> In living panoramic stereo/phonic etc etc


> Holy sh+t! Can you imagine what a 60 foot long electrical arc would sound like!! Researchers at the High Voltage Lab at Canterbury University would know – check out the photo – I shall be in touch!! When I was in the slow motion process of dropping out of uni I actually studied at the Engineering School there, and I remember one of the tutors at the High Voltage lab asking us to keep our right hands in our pockets at all times. Apparently if you got electrocuted by touching something you had a 0.00001% better chance of surviving if it was through your left hand than your right, due to the path of the current relative to your heart!! I think he was joking….


music by Pjusk


> Nice idea – Sound Tourism


> “The observed parallel recruitment of executive and default network regions—two brain systems that so far have been assumed to work in opposition—suggests that mind wandering may evoke a unique mental state that may allow otherwise opposing networks to work in cooperation…….” – more


> Genius! Laws/sonic truisms For audio engineers – hah! i can see the look on the persons face as they say Snoddys Law: “It works better if you plug it in”



> The AFTA Craft Film & Tv Awards were held today in Auckland – congrats to Plan 9 for best film score for Predicament, to Don McGlashan for best TV score, to Dick Reade, Gethin Creagh (& Tim Chaprione & all the team!) for best sound in a feature film and to Chris Burt for best sound for TV for Legend of the Seeker – full results here


> When was the last time you heard this track? I’m going to have to dig out the vinyl of it now…

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