Detritus 146

Forever (Taken from Amnesty EP) by ITAL TEK

“I am releasing this record to raise money and awareness for Amnesty International. Amnesty campaigns to protect universal human rights. It strives for the release of prisoners of conscience, victims of torture, and the abolition of the death penalty. 100% of the proceeds from this release will be donated to Amnesty International to help campaign against the grave abuses of human rights around the world.”

Support a good cause & good music here




> You say you want a Devolution? – stuck in the now?


> I love high ceilings, so imho Edison & Wright win in this compilation of 14 historical workspaces


> The perfect present for a certain kind of glazed uncle: The Cloud Collectors Handbook – if there isn’t an iVerison of that book with timelapse videos then someone somewhere just missed an opportunity!



Short film about Marc Manceaux, the owner of the oldest piano shop in Paris:


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