Detritus 156

> Pandora’s digital box: Art house, smart house


“… the end it was the soul-crushing ennui that led me to deactiviate my Facebook account last week” – I know the feeling…. and it might just be a $10bn share offering that pushes me towards the exit button…. is it time to leave Facebook?


> beautiful long exposure photos of fireflies


Nice ideas, but ahhhhh it could be/would be so much better if (a) the mix focused on the dominant action and (b) their music didn’t suck (sorry!)


> din = bezier powered synth?


> I heard an interview on the radio last night about a local community choir and what struck me as fascinating was two things: they sing a lot of music in different languages and they don’t use manuscript! It is open to anyone and is a big choir, and the examples they played during the interview were an excellent reminder of just how powerful the hive mind can be – the pure humanity of the results is almost overwhelming…. So the news of an imminent crowd sourced choir project by Sonic Couture is very intriguing!

“SonicCouture are going to build a unique sampler instrument: a choir/vocal ensemble made with hundreds of voices from all around the world. We need a a minimum of 200 notes to layer in the instrument, so please help us if you can. Everybody that sends us a recorded note will receive the CrowdChoir instrument free, in Kontakt/EXS & Ableton Live format. Please go HERE to be a part of it!


> On Bob Marley’s birthday, Magnolia acquires rights to his bio documentary


Balance Out of Life from Wyatt Hodgson on Vimeo.

Koyaanisqatsi at 1552% speed


> Apologies for anyone patiently waiting on HISSandaROAR Tortured Cymbal Library – I just have not had time to complete it, it will have to wait until I am back in a few weeks…. sorry!

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