Detritus 158

> a recent album I love: Thora Vukk by Robag Wruhme – full preview on soundcloud – if you need a reference it reminds me of Mathew Herbert a little bit…


> I also recently bought two albums by Portico Quartet via Real World (thanks for the tip on the round midnight show Martin!) Check this lovely tune:


> Best photo that captures the creative process/noodling on synths? this one


> Godzilla’s sonic-iconic roar was conceived by composer Akira Ifukube who realized that a manipulated recording of a leather glove rubbing a loosened contrabass string would provide a perfectly monstrous tone.


> Google is about to merge your user data across platforms – if you care about such things, have you deleted the search data that they’ve been collecting about YOU? here is how (its really easy & takes less than 5 seconds, but just before you hit delete check how much data they have on your search history & think about how that data could be used….)


> Apparently since 1928 the duration of the Oscar/Schmoscar Best Film has averaged 140 minutes, which is only kind of interesting, but the discussion of the 1/f shot length is kinda fascinating (thanks for the tip @BillMurray)


> Some excellent photos: gladwrap humans and (thanks Tom) time travelling trees


> 120 HOURS FOR JOHN CAGE – an open call for works celebrating Cage’s radio compositions


> How awesome is this!!


> Composition dos and donts – I like g: “Take some distance every now and then….”


Signal To Noise from Douglas Koke on Vimeo.


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