Detritus 159



> Apparently this works for DAE errors too!


> Steve Jobs defines creativity




> Japan invents a gun that can stop speech! maybe…


read more about how the seismic waves converted to audio to study quake’s traits


> Spent some time this week recording at Ohakea Airbase – it was a unique challenge recording an Iroquios helicopter…


Iriquois hanger


Ohakea mics.jpg


Iriquois airborne.jpg


Ohakea iriquoisx2.jpg






Huge thanks to the guys from 3 Squadron at Ohakea.. sadly the Iroquois helicopters are being phased out and replaced with more modern technology – the Iroquois I recorded was made in 1964 – but I’d be very surprised if the new helicopters sound as evocative as the Iroquois!! (& now I want to rewatch Apocalyspe Now!)


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