Detritus 160

Burial + Four Tet – Nova by Four Tet


> Beautiful architectural photos, actually macro shots from inside orchestral instruments – you’ve probably seen them posted elsewhere but just incase…… reversing the concept, I for one would love to hear the instruments that Tadao Andos architecture would evoke…



> Some words just have a great ring to them eg Bass Cannon or War Tuba


> Instead of saying “I don’t have time,” try saying “It’s not a priority”



> So…. Hokusai’s The Great Wave inspired Debussy’s symphonic sketches La Mer – who knew? – relatedly a photo I shot in Denden town aka Osaka’s Akihabara (8 Jan 2008)


> Two recent & intriguing 3D printing sound projects: Paper note creates a tangible waveform from laser cut disks of paper & 3D printing a waveform case for your iPhone
Me? I’m waiting for the scaleable (resolution & physical size) 3D waveform model generator for use with Ponoko – now THAT is something I would help fund on kickstarter, but it has to be scaleable in three dimensions eg say I want a 3D FFT of a particular, that is the size of a fridge….


> Wouldn’t this be amazing to stumble across: a clockwork forest



> Seems I’ve just inherited a 3 week hiatus! The notion of which instantly had me planning & scheming how to best make use of the suddenly ‘free’ time…. the result of such scheming is a road trip north, to record a number of 1940s era military vehicles for my next film project, plus a stop on the way to record Aratiatia Rapids (check the description – 90,000 litres per second! How exactly do you properly prepare for such a recording mission? I guess via the only way: try, learn from the experience, and repeat) & the return trip via Lake Waikaremoana for some Telinga dish meets reticent bird moments… And then back to Welli to finally finish the Tortured Cymbal Library, DUB45 #2 and some other long overdue personal projects… and maybe a day off somewhere along the way….. ciao!


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