Detritus 168

plus the making of



> We’ve all used Google Streetview but how about Forestview?

“Deers at the feeding ground where data is downloaded and batteries get recharged”


> The Road meets The Simpsons? this


> Two books about two seminal bands, from back in the day: VU and Talking Heads (and this is a potentially scary question but if you were 18 years old now, what two bands would you consider as formative and influential as these two??)


more info about Black Deck here


> The best travel advice ever!


> Grand masters (paintings) spun at 45rpm


Analog door ‘buzzer’ by Bobby Petersen (wonder if you can program it to do the classic friendly knock-knock-kni-knock-knock?)


> Moleskins can send SMS messages in RL? who knew?


– if you went “yeah!” after watching that then you should also check this out


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