Detritus 17

> This is brilliant:


> Analysis: Vinyl, Digital Sales Hit New High Marks


> Recording underwater ambiences


> 10 Music Industry Trends & Questions For 2009


>Multi-touch sound visualisation


> Love these retro looking Norra Norr headphones… but I’d still rather have a pair of Grados


At last! An interview with Dave Whitehead, sound designer on District 9


> We get enough earthquakes here to not need this, but someone has developed a ‘seismic reflector’ so you can remotely experience earthquakes from anywhere on the planet!
Make your own here



3 thoughts on “Detritus 17

  1. tim Post author

    heh heh A close encouter of the hillbilly kind! I kept waiting for the cut away to Cleetis from The Simpsons or a “Cooooeeeeee” from Deliverance…

  2. jeff p

    wow the underwater recording was a great read. I love how he focused on building out the sound through layers using whatever he could to get the right sound. The attention to detail automating eq in the design is amazing. The end results were wonderful.

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