Detritus 192

Vibraphone from Moises Martinez on Vimeo.

What a beautiful fragment of music!


> The problem is to know what the problem is


> Amazingly mathematical music, with lots of examples to listen to eg “Sometimes when singers are really good, they get the math just right and magic happens. This YouTube video of Ambassadors of Harmony captures a moment when the director, Jim Henry, asks the singers with different vocal ranges to hit the same overtone simultaneously. He sings this high harmonic and then the choir sings and behind his voice the same tone emerges and floats above the massed voices…
“It is third harmonic of the low tone being sung and the second harmonic of the upper tone being sung,” Wright says. “When harmonics are reinforced in this way they often become audible if the voices are really in tune.” Singers say the chord “rings” when this happens (the reaction of the choir when they hear this is so great!)


> My favourite music player app/iTunes replacement has a new version in beta: Vox


> no comment, no context… just relentless photos of studio p0rn


> Great to see Creating Sound gaining momentum! Definitely one to add to your RSS reader!


> Hard thinking


> Piano notes made visible via cymatics




Visualizers from Pylik on Vimeo.


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