Detritus 200

[BRDG012] Exit Through from BRDG on Vimeo.


> Gems of advice from Miranda July


> Chapter 653 in the debate about Hollywood & piracy


> A tip for any photographers – this kickstarter project has 3 days to go!
Can’t wait to get my Astro


> And an intriguing music kickstarter project: Music For Saharan Cellphones Vol.2 crowdfunding LP release


Documentary Trailer–DECONSTRUCTING DAD–The Music, Machines and Mystery of Raymond Scott–DVD NOW AVAILABLE from Stan Warnow on Vimeo.

DVD now available


> Fantastic 360 degree panorama from surface of Mars


> Excellent! An un-Instagrammer (thanks Davide)


> context is everything!


> From an interview about the new Deepchord album

I’m using audio looping more and more as opposed to midi and midi sequencing. Most of the synths in my studio don’t have anything plugged into the “midi-in” sockets. I use audio loopers like Oberheim EDP and Electrix Repeaters. When Electrix went out of business, Guitar Center (a US music-store chain) was blowing-out Repeaters for $129/ ea. I bought 4 of them. So I’ll have a couple synths playing into a little submixer, and that submixer goes into a looper. When I play something that sounds interesting, press the foot pedal and record. Then switch tracks on the looper and layer something else. These loops are what I was referring to in “Hash Bar Loops.” Almost none of the synth parts in that one (or Sommer) were sequenced. After I make a interesting texture, I can lock up a Sequential Studio 440 or Forat 9000, and put a rhythm over it, but usually this happens weeks after I record the background. I never consider beats when making loops.


Leonard Bernstein’s Lectures on Music (11+ Hours of Video Recorded in 1973)


Pulse Machine from Alicia Eggert on Vimeo.

Pulse Machine by Alicia Eggert
Made in collaboration with Alexander Reben.
kick drum, solenoid, flip digit numerals, Arduino microcontroller, mixed media
This electromechanical sculpture was ‘born’ in Nashville, Tennessee on 2 June 2012, at 6:18 PM. It has been programmed to have the average human lifespan of babies born in Tennessee on that same day: approximately 78 years. The kick drum beats its heartbeat (at 60 beats per minute), and the mechanical counter displays the number of heartbeats remaining in its lifetime. An internal, battery-operated clock keeps track of the passing time when the sculpture is unplugged. The sculpture will die once the counter reaches zero.




We are so close to finishing EMPEROR! Screened the final mix stitched to the graded pictures on Monday morning, did a day of mix changes, screened again, did another half day of changes and the mix is signed off! We have now almost finished the M&E mix, and are then on to print master & by later tomorrow the project will be officially completed. It has been such a great experience, literally a career highlight & we have been blessed to work with such a great director and such supportive producers. Am now preparing for the tiredness to catch up with me, recover & prepare for the next adventure!


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