Detritus 208

City sounds from Erick Flores Garnelo on Vimeo.


> Make the city sound better? “The Sound Taxi is equipped with a microphone that record its surrounding noise: the rumbling traffic, screeching brakes, sirens, construction work all are a part of the everyday din of the city. A specially designed software written in Max analyses the frequencies of these noises and uses them to generate unique music in real time. The spectrum is split into 25 frequency bands, like a graphic EQ, these bands are used to control different types of sounds in Ableton Live. For example a low rumble starts a bass line or loud hiss would trigger some hi hats, with the loudness of that noise controlling the loudness of the music. The music generated matches the dynamics of the street, the sounds will change and evolve as you drive in different parts of the city.

Passersby heard the music via the 67 speakers built into the entire car body and the big, shiny Indian horns mounted on top of the taxi’s roof. Finally, the passengers of the sound taxi could tune-in to the converted sounds via headphones installed inside of the vehicle.”


> ingenious! a camera dolly with an inflatable set of tracks


> Now I know why I cringed every time someone begged me to like their whatever on Facebook: “Why putting a lot of energy into building a Facebook presence is a sucker’s game….”




>very interesting Reaktor ensemble by Antonio Blanca: Drone.E & its free!


> in lieu of the inevitable disney/star wars mashups, do you know how R2D2 got his name? (hint: dialogue editors rule!)


> I was kinda lusting after this mint Mutron BiPhase Pedal a la Lee Scratch Perry on eBay & thought I was being indulgent bidding up to us$750 for it…. but it sold for US$2,425!!!! Sheesh – that would have to be someone where money is no object!


> Coming to America: South Korea’s top directors on working in Hollywood


> @sigurros present their entire latest album interpreted in film

sigur rós have given a dozen film makers the same modest budget and asked them to create whatever comes into their head when they listen to songs from the band’s forthcoming album. the idea is to bypass the usual artistic approval process and allow people utmost creative freedom. among the filmmakers are ramin bahrani, alma har’el and john cameron mitchell.

“we never meant our music to come with a pre-programmed emotional response. we don’t want to tell anyone how to feel and what to take from it. with the films, we have literally no idea what the directors are going to come back with. none of them know what the others are doing, so hopefully it could be interesting.”


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