Detritus 212


> OK! I concede this endless remix project made me install Chrome


> Love this modular synth project


> I might have posted this haikyo recording studio in Japan before, but its worth a second look….


“For the last year or so I have been collecting all sorts of footage of people dancing that I found in the BBC archives. In all I gathered over two thousand shots culled from all kinds of programmes. I then cut some of them together to music….” – check out the two videos put together by Adam Curtis – both feature the same picture edit but with very different music….


> CycliC is an entirely new step sequencer, with six independent subsequences that cycle through a 32-note array


> Great advice for anyone making & releasing work online – & the moral of the story: never underestimate the power of a kind word, support the things & people you appreciate…


> A chat with Don Buchla


BZZZ! The sound of electricity – installation from cecilebabiole on Vimeo.


> Cutest functional accessory for your iThingy?


> Last Friday I attended the first Semi-Permnanent conference held in Wellington… And like many conferences if I could experience it over again I would have likely only turned up for the first & last speakers, it wasn’t that the others weren’t worthy but just that the first & last were most interesting, inspiring & obliquely relevant to me… But a recurring theme that became apparent from almost all of the presenters was that most of their ‘high profile’ projects were in fact commercial work, essentially advertising products or services for others… Don’t get me wrong , this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but the potential for it to be very, very bad is ever present, and a good example is a video I posted recently which you may have enjoyed without thinking about how it came to be…. advertising a product for a corporation…. To clarify, and if you’re really interested, I reccomend watching/reading this presentation by Levin Golan – the premise isn’t half as interesting as where it leads to, which could be summed up in a quote by José Luis de Vicente that Lolan uses: NEW-MEDIA ARTISTS ARE THE UNPAID R&D DEPARTMENTOF AD AGENCIES and while the issue of plagiarism vs references isn’t new, as Golan very clearly points out, with our ubiquitous interconnectedness there is only one approach that will stand up to public scrutiny and that is honesty… And re the video, have a read of this. Oh and the two presenters worth further investigation: Hellicar & Lewis and Jessica Walsh – a dance project DIVIDE BY ZERO by Hellicar & Lewis was quite possibly the most beautiful (& open source) project presented all day! And one of Pete Hallicars emphatic rants resonated: EVERYONE SHOULD LEARN TO PROGRAM! as I dig out that book I bought on learning Processing & also plan to start revisiting Max tutorials I started all those years ago…


Divide By Zero from Hellicar&Lewis on Vimeo.


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