Detritus 222

I can’t watch this with the sound on because I really, really want to hear it with an abstract but tightly synced granular soundtrack… so beautiful!

MACROS/ INK world _v01 from Antoine Delach. on Vimeo.


> Long exposure astral photos are so great but these? wow!!


> I plan to own an Eames chair one day, but maybe not this one – good for the garden though…


> whats your favourite reverb plugin?


> the past meets the future in this 3d printed vinyl – check the electron microscope photos, they’ve attained close to the quality of Edisons first test records… roll on evolution!


> Not so long ago I got a fascinating book out of the library on Saul Bass, this one But failing reading the book this is a great article on his creative work with Alfred Hitchock


> This is a lovely metaphor for what many of us spend a lot of time doing – capturing sounds in a bottle (thanks Michael!)


> I wouldn’t call these the five weirdest sounds – more like beautiful, fascinating etc…


love this – especially the distortion! Imagine the whole film scored this way – it would be a comedy!


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