Detritus 243



Atoms For Peace – ‘Ingenue’ from Trim Editing on Vimeo.


> I bought & read the book Fans, Friends & Followers when it was released back in 2009, and found it to be very inspiring & motivating – it in many ways encouraged me to pursue this blog, HISSandaROAR and a number of other things still coming to fruition. Anyway the author has just made the book available for free/donation, get it here


> Databending photos in Audacity or try this online image glitcher – images below are via the latter (me as a 3 year old!)

Tim glitched


> This made me laugh for all the wrong reasons: wedding proposal shoot goes wrong (or right: “However, I was secretly hoping that the odds would be on my side and that they would get swallowed by a wave.”)



> Apparently the “great Tohoku earthquake in Japan two years ago was so big it…. sent a ripple of sound through the atmosphere that was picked up by the Goce satellite.”


> That Rhythm & Hues/VFX liquidation bizo just gets messier & messier


> I’m happy to leak that I am getting very near ready to launch a post-Kickstarter project! The first news/pitch will be via the HISSandaROAR mail list (post-Kickstarter because Kickstarter projects can only be created by US citizens, plus I am aspiring to evolve their model significantly!)


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