Detritus 256


> Seriously great advice from Ken Loach (thanks Brita!)


frequencies (a) | nicolas bernier from Nicolas Bernier on Vimeo.


> This is a great idea, which hopefully more developers will try: you can rent SyncroArts ProTools plugins (VocAlign pro, Revoice Pro but not Titan, which is a shame since if you inherited a project with a messed up workflow then Titan might well be a one off solution) – plus if you rent the same plugin three times & you get a free permanent license, so its like rent-to-buy! via PTE


love how the 1D almost sounds like a Bolex!


> Imagine if Alexander Calder was still around & got into 3d printing….


> A new field recording blog to read: SoundMindFX


> Love these new wooden pinhole cameras – photos from pinhole cameras feel so mysterious… and I am not 100% sure quite why….


> Great read about Terrence Malick



I have a theory this is actually a Chemical Brothers track with 3 or 4 elements muted….



Sound Picking – Teaser from Haakon Mathisen on Vimeo.

A master thesis by Jonas Barsten at the Norwegian academy of music – more info here


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