Detritus 264

>Fascinating high speed films by Trevor Cox of sound vibrations


> Great interview with James Turrell on apprehending light


> Percy Principles of Art and Composition (I like the sore thumb analogy)



> “You want to quiet the noise in your head to solidify that fragile germ of an idea”


> Beautiful quiet album & for a good cause: How to Catch Stille


> Ryuichic Sakamotos new installation at YCAMForest Symphony – “Trees are geniuses that convert sunlight into energy, or in other words, catch electromagnetic waves by way of photosynthesis. I’d like to translate that periodicity into music.”


> Happy Birthday Stanley Kubrick! – wonder if they buried him in his jacket?


> Interesting app for real time musical analysis


> Great idea – a cheap dongle by Google (aka a gongle?) to turn your TV into a net connected


> handy iPad app for realtime interview logging


> something to try on your next vehicle recording?
(or to annoy boy racers)


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