Detritus 265


> reanimating dead composers


> there’s a new Miyazaki film!!


> Wish I could visit these Sound Art installations in NY


> I’ve been researching accelerating rhythms for an upcoming project and came across this attempt at evoking the Risset illusion: music that accelerates forever? Have a listen:


> This is a fascinating read, the latter half is a review of Jaron Laniers book Who Owns the Future? but read the first half!


“Stanley was generally very disappointed with commercial cinema… that it could have been so much more… budgets that were squandered on silly stories.” — Anthony Frewin, assistant to Kubrick (1965–69 and 1979–99) – so what did he like?



> Whether you use ableton LIVE or not, this is a great read about Nick Yulmans music and approach


> Edward Snowden’s not the story. The fate of the internet is


> The science of chunking



> The 10 Rules of Change


> an interesting angle on what Google plus actually is


> A whale tries to make contact with humans!?


> Tax rebates for film makers? New Zealand just lowered the entry point


> The largest photo of Tokyo?


> The 10 strangest sounds heard on the TED stage (your idea of strange may differ from theirs!)


> Listen to Wikipedia



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