Detritus 27


> The NAMM 2010 oddities are online now


>Interesting theory about how the golden age of viral videos is over


> Will the youth/Gen X ever grow up & listen to classical music?
aka the “downward trend in generational participation in classical music”


noise toy

> Top 5 DIY audio kits


>Sound art that throws white noise back at you!



> How to build physical sound effects generators


> How to create creativity


> Beautiful long exposure photos


> Sand in motion? Singing Sand Dunes and a recording of the actual drone
via Paul Prudence aka data is nature


> I’d love one of these full scale replica blasters from District 9


D9 gun


> Deconstructing creativity: Four roles you need to play


> The new Eluvium album is a little bit like what I imagine David Byrne would sound like on opiates! So beautiful…


> Apparently “it’s been discovered you can boost creativity with side-to-side eye movement. People who watched a target moving side-to-side for 30 seconds have been tested as producing significantly more ideas when immediately given a creative task. This technique is, thought to increase the cross-talk between the hemispheres.” – give it a try:



> Very interesting interview with Todd Machover; composer & inventor at MIT Media Lab


> Wahooo! Apparently ProTools 8.0.3 lets you unmount drives in the Finder ie without having to do it via the workspace browser! (thanks to Dave Farmer for the tip!)


> The sound of silence is music to the heart: “They found that breathing frequency was increased by musical inputs, and that this increase was proportional to the tempo of the music. They describe 1:4 entrainment of breathing to the underlying musical rhythm at slow tempos, and 1:8 entrainment at faster tempos, and while they suggest that at intermediate tempos an integer ratio is not observed, this does not preclude more complex coupling relationships from being present….
Perhaps the most interesting observation in the study by Bernardi and colleagues is not their description of the effects of music on respiratory and cardiovascular function, but rather the consequences of turning the music off…”


> I love these drawings/scores by Macro Fusinato via

viz score


> At last someone explains & validates my theory re contact mics ie that the preamp you use is CRUCIAL with respect to matching impedances – read this


> A great Anne Krober & Sound Mountain profile at USO




> Further to the studio aesthetics rant, here is a showcase of minimalist workstation setups



> And even more minimalist (more less?) Kanye Wests new apartment via minimalissimo



> Photos of people sleeping in the library


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  1. üav

    “The sound of silence is music to the heart: “They found that breathing frequency was increased by musical inputs, and…”

    That is fun, few weeks ago, I was thinking about studing the impact of sounds/musics to our bio-rythms for my thesis.

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