Detritus 276

DJ shredding = too funny! the drop is pretty funny, but i laughed more at the 8bit beeps


> Buddy the talking starling!?!


> h265? wow! ProRes 4444 quality for 1% of the file size!!



> Space: the ultimate dawn chorus? “interspersed with deep bass pulses from the Sun”




> Interesting interview with five cinematographers



> i’m currently wearing out the mp3s of lovely dub techno EP by Fussganger – Akku (stream it/buy it here) #food_for_your_subwoofer!



> a new Sound Devices 633 – presumably aimed at production sound with 3 mic preamps built in (boom + 2 radios?) while physically slightly bigger than a 744 it has six inputs (3 mic and 3 line) and can record up to 10 tracks at 48kHz and 6 tracks at 192kHz. Price is us$3,100 so it is considerably cheaper than a 788T at US$6,395 or a 744T at US$4,195 (but of course lacks the inputs, hard drive etc of the 788). Wide range of powering options, but as someone pointed out shame it doesn’t have a power output, for powering a mixer/preamp for the line inputs…


> a 3d printed Obama speech about 3d printing




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