Detritus 28

Tristand Perich’s Interval Studies


> Your tools are not your competitive advantage


> Maybe this noteput music table might help me learn to sight read!


SH101 cushion

synth cushions? Yes I own that exact red SH101 with the mod handle and no I will never sell it;
it will be in the same rail gun cannon that ejects my cold dead atoms into interstellar space!


> A great bit of speculative projection of possible iPad apps for film making & post production


> Swim and/or listen with the fishes with Leafcutter Johns DIY Hydrophone & Preamp


> Scratching with cassettes? No way! Yes way!


> Honk honk! Damn those horseless carriages


> Whats your favorite website sound like? well its code anyway…


> new Monolake album was apparently mixed with no compression – splitting hairs or actually a significant statement? It makes me think someone might claim a film mix was achieved with no use of ‘de-essers’ except plenty of volume graphing was done to reduce ‘esses’… In the fight against undynamic music, maybe there needs to be a better means of illustrating such admirable concepts than not using one form of plugin? I admire the intent, let me listen to the content…


> God bless twitter – my synapses randomnly asked: “does inhaling helium & talking evoke a consistent pitchshift?” @wetterbug replied with this link


> This should really be its own post, because its about more than the music, or the video…..
but first watch & listen…


Truly beautiful song huh? And lovely animation/shadow puppetry…. Turns out its a promo for a short film AND a music video… but the song was released on an album back in 2007 by Little Dragon and why it intrigues me is that music marketing people would say that its just an example of the long tail but that somehow infers music thats sitting on some dusty shelf collecting the odd royalty, whereas that song feels as new & meaningful to me as anything I’ve heard recently. The moral? Great music doesn’t age & shouldn’t be relegated to the long tail bargain bin, or forgotten… because generations of younger (& older) people will discover it and enjoy it like it is new…. Keep it available, accessible & who knows, someone might put a nasty beat behind it…

3 thoughts on “Detritus 28

  1. Carl

    I know what you mean about the compression thing. I’ve been along to film mixes where the mixer boasted about ‘using hardly any compression’ on dialog, but then proceed to ride the dialog levels so hard that it was basically constant throughout, from shouting scenes to gentle chatter. My TV mixes have more dynamic range in the dialog than that! (at least when they leave my suite – broadcaster compression is a whole other world of hurt)

  2. caro snatch

    nice collection of audio wonders on here :> i feel the no compression album is worthy of contemplation as it questions if compression is “necessary” for a full bodied, hi impact mix… thanks for mentioning!

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