Detritus 284

Interesting… until it becomes an advertisement for Spectrasonics… Would love to have a play on those bass steel drums – there is a full bands set of instruments for sale locally for nz$8,600… I hit up the seller to see if they would consider splitting the set apart… maybe…


> Floodtide by John Eacott makes music from the movement of tidal water. A submerged sensor gathers information from the tidal flow that is converted into musical notation


> 11 favorite New Yorker cartoons


> Sonic Wonderland is a new book by Trevor Cox (UK release Jan 16th, USA release Feb 10th, review in the Guardian here.. I just bought a copy for my iPads kindle app, so not sure about those release dates) which grew from his website Sonic Wonders – a global sound map of interesting listening locations


Prodigy – Firestarter without music?


Nirvana – Teen spirit without music

Queen – I want to break free

Note: these alt soundtracks/music-less music videos were created by Mario Wienerroither


> Hauschkas guide to the prepared piano



> Bumping Into a Chair While Humming – A Book on Sound by Ezekiel Honig, support on Kickstarter


> a Folktek sample library? such interesting & disturbing sounds


RMX™ (loop) from beeple on Vimeo.

Creative Commons REMIX of Transparent Machines™ – Cinema 4D project file available here sound design by standing wave


This needs an alternate soundtrack too – a horror film score anyone?


> All the best scientifically verified information on Fukushima impacts


6 thoughts on “Detritus 284

  1. Aner Andros


    what’s that marvellous instrument made of “glass tubes + metal” from the first video??!!?

    I grasped its name as “banshee crystal” but I had not luck in googling.

    thank you

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