Detritus 295


a beautiful anatomic circuit board – the amplification circuit is switched on by the speaker cone being raised & joined!



> Fascinating sounds, listening to light (thanks Nathan)


> Good question: is there an IMDB for music?


> Interesting analysis of Hollywood film business & likely future


> free Impulse Responses captured in science labs? thanks Richard Dobson – recorded by David Monacchi and Fons Adriaensen in 4 channel B-Format


> re Trevor Coxs book The Science of the Sonic Wonders of the World mentioned here previously, this article includes some great examples worth a listen! (thanks Jason!)



> Stream two tracks from Aleksi Perälä’s forthcoming release using the Perälä and Grant Wilson-Claridge’s custom musical scale, the Colundi Sequence (via The Wire)


> Misheard lyrics? There is a name for that: mondegreen


> repeat after me. repeat after me. repeat after me. #fascinating!


> Seems the rule changes in Formula 1 (see video below for an outline) has resulted in complaints about the V6 motors being too quiet!! Andrew Westacott, the chief executive of the Australian Grand Prix was quoted saying that he didn’t even need his ear-plugs in the pit lane!


Cycles 720 is an hybrid visual/audio sequencer built using VVVV and Ableton Live with a custom M4L patch. Circle/Line interactions trigger percussion: rhythm and swing are dictated by the size, number of circles, their degree of separation, orientation and elasticity of each collision.


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