Detritus 298

(as a YT commenter mentions: go to 3’38” to skip the intro) via Collosal


a stereo microphone is moving along line of speakers and catching feedback – more info here

That reminds me a bit of Pendulum Music by Steve Reich:

this version is truncated, but shows how room acoustics etc alter the performance…


> wow – an acoustic cloaking device



“Within a radius of 320 degrees graphic patterns grow and change on the 100-metre high inside wall of the Gasometer.
The observer experiences the interplay between real and virtual space, in which the Gasometer seems to dissolve into its own, filigree structures and yet finally always reverts to its clear shape. ’320° Licht’ is achieved with kind project support from Epson Germany.”

More info here (thanks Alex!)


> Interesting read for musicians & composers: the impact of workflow on ideas


> Berlin minimal DJ name generator!?


> beautiful retro brass bells for your bicycle


> brilliant new device to make iPod/iPhone listeners look more intelligent


> fascinating interview with Dieter Doepfer #modularsynth


interesting idea (just need to up the rez!) Phonopaper (via Synthtopia)


> oh interesting: Cannes Film Festival unveils its line up for 2014


> reasons to loathe recording music?


> beautiful conceptual field recording project exploring Hong Kongs dissolving border


> if you are in Auckland next week you should check out Auckland Museum at night, for their Anzac day project: Illuminate by Gaylene Preston (I did sound design for it)


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