Detritus 300

300 chunks of detritus! who would’ve thought it possible?!?



> not available on the app store



Hold that look: Godfrey Reggio on Visitors


(thanks Martin!)


Loundscape – Parco Nord Milano from Loundscape on Vimeo.


> you’ll close your mouth next time you go swimming in the sea after you see this


“Sand Noise Device” at moogfest


> beautiful Tibetan scores


> productivity listicles, who needs them?


> photographer swallows negative, develops indigestion


> photographer electrocutes negative, develops um…


Lumière 6 Excerpt I from Robert Henke on Vimeo.

beautiful work from Robert Henke – would LOVE to experience this with my own senses!!

“Based on self written software, this work on the edge of concert and site specific installation finds previously unseen beauty and minimalistic elegance in a commonly underrated medium. High power lasers are used to draw complex morphing shapes and connect points in space. Unleashing the full potential of the underlying advanced vector engine, Lumière combines precise geometric figures with floating organic structures, presenting the archaic sign language of an alien culture communicating via emerging and disappearing traces of extremely bright light.
The software also generates the control signals to drive equally abstract and powerful sonic events, a multi sensorial experience of audiovisual rhythm, at times fragile and quiet, at others massive and overwhelming. Each Lumière performance is a unique and site specific real time exploration of synchronicity and divergence, of light and darkness at the limits of perception.
The video here is an excerpt of Lumière No 6, recorded on April 25 2014 at the Donaufestival in Krems, Austria.
Video recording: Gunther Blauensteiner, FH St. Pölten”


> a great read, with great conclusions


Ryoji Ikeda “supersymmetry” from YCAM on Vimeo.


> a great introduction to the beautiful drones of Eliane Radigue


> live stream from HD cameras on the ISS!


> i can do quite good insect impersonations with a tiny LP Finger Shot shaker that you wear on your finger (I bought mine in Osaka, had never seen one before) but these 3d printed ring shakers look very nifty


> i always wondered who took that photo of Dali & the cat


> wow, julies kitchen


> The Poetics of Space via monoskop


> if you like sushi & want to learn to make it yourself I highly recommend this book – its the best i’ve come across & available for kindle/iPad


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