Detritus 301

> at last, selfies worth seeing


> how to make a room sized camera obscura


> I love long exposure photos, but 100 year long exposures!?! – if it actually had a shutter, that would be one long wait between the 2014 klick……. and 2114s ka-klick!


> My nieces & nephews do not know how lucky they are I didn’t see this when they were still tiny – too funny!


> a fantastic read about sound legend Alan Splet


“Carsten Nicolai’s new audio-visual installation, α (alpha) pulse, will take place during the second edition of Art Basel in Hong Kong. Each night from May 15 to May 17, 2014, α (alpha) pulse generates a light pattern that will pulsate in a synchronized frequency across the entire façade of Hong Kong’s iconic 490 meter high International Commerce Centre (ICC) on the Kowloon harbor front.”
more info
& re hearing it: “α (alpha) pulse app: Download the app, allowing you to participate in α (alpha) pulse. The app provides the audio for the installation and responds to the light display on the ICC.”


> ever wondered what shade of blue the sky is? wonder no more


Lumière No 6 Excerpt II from Robert Henke on Vimeo.

more info & photos


Internet machine (trailer) from Timo on Vimeo.

more info on the project here – Internet machine is a multi-screen film about the invisible infrastructures of the internet


via laughing squid


Line Segments Space – Kimchi and Chips from Mimi Son on Vimeo.

Line Segments Space by artists – Mimi Son and Elliot Woods
Sound Design – Junghoon Pi
via laughing squid


> I’ve had a plan for a few years to go record an ELEPHANT VOCALS library & I’ve researched where I could do it… the only thing stopping me? I don’t want to die quite yet… I also don’t want to sh+t my pants, for example imagine wearing headphones cranked up in level & you think you just got a good take in the first moments of this video… but wait for it:


> Lastly I sincerely apologise to the uncredited creators of the following images; if you know who they are please comment so I can credit them (or if they are your image & you want them removed, please comment!)
Similarly I saw two images of mien posted by people online last week, I didn’t mind but I would have switched from not minding to being very happy if they had simply credited me. I hope that doesn’t make me hypocritical, we each have to be clear in our own ethics & act accordingly, but i LOVE the following images & I hope that i can credit & continue to post them here, please help me?




credit: ifunny











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