Detritus 305


> beautiful work by Anna Marinenko merging landscapes with sound waveforms


via design boom


> Spiders tune their webs


> Convert text to voice via google translate (thanks Nobuyoshi Sano)



> a one-way sound transmitter?


> interesting origins of a few classic scifi sound FX


> one of the best uses of silence in very recent history!


> “…the whole forest is heard in each sound…”


> Great idea, neighbourhood ambience recording: “This is in Moema, São Paulo. Opening game Brasil x Croatia. (And no, those are not gunshots. It’s just regular brazilian fireworks)

via twisted sifter (The author says there were no big outdoor screenings nearby, just a small BBQ in the building across the street. The cheers you hear are just people watching in their own small groups! Wahlers also points out that you can hear the difference between people watching the game ‘Over the Air’ (OTA) using an antenna versus on cable, as the cable feed has about a 2-second delay.)


> Do you consume the product?


> Anne Lamotts book Bird by Bird is a great read, some insight & reminder of the dangers of perfectionism via BrainPickings


> For fans of Echospace dub techno, they have just released a sample library, which also functions as an even sparser enjoyable listen


Martin Scorsese – The Art of Silence from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.


> Björk: ‘Even venture capitalists understand our future is in nature’


> Next time someone does a rant about their great stand up desk, send them this


> Yikes! Patient sings through surgery on vocal cords


> I watched documentary The Cove yesterday, I think I had been deliberately avoiding it since its release in 2009 as it was always going to be a heartbreaking brutal watch (about Dolphin slaughter in Japan) but coincidentally the current NZ government has just given the greenlight for oil exploration in the same sanctuary area where a very rare almost-extinct local Maui Dolphin lives, only 55 are known to still exist! Governments come & governments go, but imagine that as part of your legacy: under your watch Maui Dolphin became extinct, and why? For some possible short term gain?
Anyway I do highly reccomend The Cove, of course there are heartbreaking scenes but the film contains an important message & is also of interest to anyone fascinated by sound. I knew Dolphins used sound for communication and for location but I had no idea just how sensitive they are. The documentary explains just how dreadful it is that any dolphin should be kept in captivity for our enjoyment and how when people first tried to contain them the dolphins kept dying – they just could not keep them alive, until they realised it was noise pollution from the water filtration systems in the pool that was killing them.

Imagine that: being killed by sound….


> How do memories sound?


> Great camera hacks – defintiely going to try the antique lens hack! (thanks Guy)


> via MW forum: a fascinating litmus test by InnerClock Systems of the internal timing of various drum machines & sequencers


> Love these manipulated photos of birds flying in formation


> Great interview with Alvin Lucier (thanks Stephen)


> Helpful explanation of golden hour (& blue hour)


> pre-ordered the new Murikami book & deliberately didn’t look at the release date… at some random point in the future kindle on my iPad is going to surprise me!


> using acoustics to alter consciousness


> what a great headline: Scientist ejected from classical concert after trying to crowd surf! (thanks Polly)


via collossal


> Interesting but naive analysis of the new OSX and iOS – the conclusions might apply to casual users but until everyone has very high speed fibre access to the cloud, it just isn’t viable for professional users… a simple example, my six week artist residency on Shodoshima generated over 2TB of media, there isn’t an iPad/cloud storage option viable for even a short term project let alone longer term/larger scale projects!


> This is a great read, technology actually making a difference: Ebooks for all


ground.alt from RYOICHI KUROKAWA on Vimeo.

[ Reassembly of Installation “ground (2011)” ] RYOICHI KUROKAWA


> If you ever want to appreciate your health, try catching the flu! I highly dont reccomend it (this post brought to you by sudafed, vitamin C, echinacea, olive leaf, immunofort etc)


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