Detritus 307


> 38 Wonderful Moments In Closed Caption History #funny


> a great ad for effects processing?


> oh to have a few well placed contact mics on these machines!


> love these sushi plates


> inside the Paris home of Pierre Henry (thanks Miguel!)


Walking City from Universal Everything on Vimeo.

winner of Golden Nica at Prix Ars Electronica 2014 by Universal Everything

see other winners here


> great overview of Foley via a PDF article by Benjamin Wright (thanks Peter!)


interesting sculpture (or youtube/facebook/soundcloud like generator?)


> love this beat shelf


> Ted Talk: DIY Orchestra of the Future? (thanks Carolyn)


> The long slow vanish of Britains illustrious recording clubs (thanks Grant!)


> some beautiful work via the Sonic Arts Award 2014

winner of the Sound Art category: David Hochgatterer, TIME TO X

TIME TO X is a 96 channel sound installation that transforms the fourth dimension (time) into a geometrical dimension (x). The listener can physically move in time and has the possibility to experience audio in a new way.


winner of the Digital Art category: Tim Murray-Browne – The Cave Of Sounds

The Cave of Sounds is an interactive sound installation exploring the power of music to bind individuals together and the visceral urge to use technology to broadcast our identity. Inspired by the prehistoric origins of music as unifying force, the work is formed of eight original musical instruments. Created during a ten month residency at London’s Music Hackspace, each instrument has been designed and created by a member of that community as an embodiment of their own artistic practice. But although each instrument is personal to its creator’s artistic practice, every few weeks we have met up to explore and understand each other’s ideas, and our place within the ensemble as a whole, in a process analogous to a ten month jam session. The final ensemble encapsulates the balance between individual and group expression that we practise when we create music together.

In the hands of its audience, the work is crafted to provoke participants to connect and resonate with each other through musical expression. Visitors are free to experiment with the instruments, and experience first-hand music as a means of actively connecting with those around them to construct a shared creative space. Arranged in a circle with the instruments facing inwards, music here is not created for an audience. Like the process behind the work’s inception, music is an activity we do together rather than something we consume from others. Software linking the instruments gently adjusts their sounds to converge musically as well as detecting musical connections between participants and visualising them onto a central projection.


Mention/highly regarded Sound Art category: Kathy Hinde – Piano Migrations

The inside of an old upright piano, is recycled into a kinetic sound sculpture. Videos of birds are projected directly onto the piano to provide an ever-changing musical score. The movement of the birds trigger small machines to twitch and flutter on the piano strings. In this work, nature controls machines to create delicate music.


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