Detritus 309


> Making: your life as an artist – a free ebook full of insights & useful advice



> nice idea but… fwiw i sincerely doubt one persons syanaesthesia sounds like anothers


> i can’t see dead people


this tune is so #infectious, but what a beautifully conceived & executed video, despite the stereotypes


> (generically mildly amusing) anatomy of songs


> a previously ignored side effect of global warming?


> chris watson, coming to an app near you


> love this railway intervention/non-street art


> tinnitus sufferers/michael bays rerecording mixers: there is hope


> i love that in this day & age, a new songbird can still be discovered


> got a spare $35million? buy your own island


> this is poetically beautiful: sending bonsai into space


> this object does not exist


> file this under: #singing_bird_automata (or junk store finds that would make my day!)


> WTF Australian weather!?!



> my nipples are on fire


> unpleasant sounds & science


> “This is not a guide to grading your film, this is a guide to producing a professional grade for your film by working with experts at the top of their field” – sage advice, not just applicable to grading


> first ableton launched Push, then someone else released this


The sounds are produced by an electrochemical reaction between Aluminium, Copper and Salt water (NaCl), fed through a pre-amp after basic filtering via a capacitor and resistor.
The originally inspiration for the electrochemical synthesiser was the webpage “Peculiar Sounds of Aluminium” by Nyle Steiner.


> would love/empath to see a human version of this



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