Detritus 311


> best 50 documentaries according to 340 critics, programmers and filmmakers


The Synth of Fear: Horror film soundtracks with synthesiser scores (thanks Logan!)


> you had me at ‘micro apocalyptic scenes’


his cover of Billie Jean is pretty great too


> Strange Mr. Satie


> sage advice re sound for films via head of Dolby especially “Hire your sound editor at the same time as your picture editor.”


> ever wonder how the internets gets everywhere?



> the best gif you will see today (by rafael varona)


piano plays score composed by clouds (thanks Peter!)


> love these electric bikes


> no doubt you’ve seen it everywhere already: turning vibrations on objects back into sound


> Mix by Fourcolor/Keichii Sugimoto for URB – free download on soundcloud



> making music with broken plumbing


> new work in London by Ryoji Ikeda to commemorate the start of WWI


> urbex film school



Rose of Jericho from Sean Steininger on Vimeo.

beautiful music by Alexandre Desplat – Morning tears


2 thoughts on “Detritus 311

  1. John Morris

    Love the Music of Sound! Great blog.

    BTW, here’s a good interactive resource for mapping the world’s transoceanic internet connections:

    Greg’s Cable Map

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