Detritus 318


▶ The art of focus (pscyhological, not cameras)


▶ The music of molecules


“We started experimenting with infrared lighting and discovered that the IR emitter in the Microsoft Kinect projected a starfield-like dot pattern not unlike what a 3D render of point cloud data looks like,” explains Joe Picard, the film’s cinematographer.


▶ Michel Chion’s “Guide to Sound Objects: Pierre Schaeffer and Musical – english PDF here
via Binary heap


▶ great Youtube vid about Disney sound effects pioneer Jimmy MacDonald (no embed sorry)
thanks Peter!


thats Jason Groseclose, 2-time World Coyote Howling Champion!


▶ The New Yorkers object of interest: the Vocoder


▶ mmmm speculative architecture


▶ interesting interview with Richard D James/Aphex Twin with some great insight into his own process eg “I actually like making studios more than making music, because I like the possibilities of what you can do. I make these setups that will achieve some sort of purpose, so the way I’ve wired it together becomes the track in itself.” and this: “When I look at commercial studios, I think, “Oh, they’re all so nice and tidy,” but it’s because they don’t actually write music in them. They’re just for producing stuff that’s already been written. Whereas if you’re writing stuff in studios, it’s always changing, and you’re always swapping equipment around. I just really wish I could bloody keep the same setup for more than about five minutes, because then I would actually get good at that setup. But I just get bored and swap things out. Fucking ridiculous.”


▶ I suspect I’ve only ever had real wasabi a few times (in very good restaurants in Japan, where we were given a piece of wasabi root & a grater) – I watched a mini documentary about growing wasabi in the mountains in Japan ages ago (found it on youtube – this one) but this is an interesting article about someone who has spent 30 years attempting to establish the first commercial wasabi farm in North America!


▶ You’d have to braver than me to try this DIY infra red camera conversion



but yikes i really hate hearing an audience ‘clap along’ – instantly makes me think of a retirement village singalong…


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