Detritus 326

the next step from a stand up workstation? imagine editing/syncing fight sounds (or writing angry emails to AVID) by smacking punching bags


▶ a great rant by Steve Albini in the Guardian


▶ Bandcamp offer new subscription services


▶ Critic’s notebook: ‘Interstellar’s’ sonic soup or: How auteurs diss their audiences (?)


▶ melody of a dying star


▶ Wim Wenders advice to the young & young at heart


▶ Rosetta’s comet sings a mysterious ‘song’


▶ and the sound of touchdown


▶ listening to wifi


▶ regretsy for kickstarter?


▶ a beautifully austere concert hall in Germany


▶ making vinyl art


▶ interesting thoughts on the (un) reality of photos


▶ nice mix by pablo bolivar – free download on soundcloud


▶ A beginners guide to field recording by Lawrence English


▶ a recent artist talk by David Toop from ICC Gallery


▶ suspect I am going to have to make a quick trip to Tokyo to see the OTMO Yoshide exhibition at ICC Gallery – they have details of the exhibition posted now in english here


▶ Always know what to say with the “History/Philosophy/Metaphor” rule!?


▶ I knew it: Wellington is the worlds windiest city!


▶ Acoustic Ecology and Ethical Listening – interesting thoughts by Eric Leonardson


Eunoia from Lisa Park on Vimeo.

interesting work applying EEG by Lisa Park


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