Detritus 329

▶ Congrats to all my friends who have just finished 3 long years on Hobbit!

Theres a great article & interview with TJ HERE about production sound for the trilogy, and interview with re-recording mixer Chris Boyes HERE discussing their Dolby ATMOS mix workflow, and an article about dialogue editor Ray Beentjes HERE and his almost forensic use of Izotope RX4 Advanced…


▶ fascinating read on the evolution of birds


▶ brilliant: Werner Herzog quotes mashed with inspirational photos


a retro xmas



▶ The self-destructing modules behind the soundtrack of Forbidden Planet


This would be an apt place for me to deviate into a gravelly Gran Torino old-man rant about the permanently arrested, riskless nature of our culture — how everything in modern major moviedom is now derived from material meant for children or adolescents and aimed at adults desperate to remain in that state well into chronological maturity. But that’s not new…” – a rant about the Hollywood blockbuster franchise business



▶ there are some animals you just shouldn’t mess with!


▶ #funny and #wise – what you learn in your 40s


▶ interesting angle on the Sony hacks: The Weaponization of Code“cyber offense is easier than cyber defense”


▶ this might sound crazy but imagine if a by-product of those Sony hacks was that big business had to actually act ethically, because what happened to Sony could happen to anyone… The primary fear of whistle blowers stems from the fact that there is something to blow a whistle about, surely?


trailer for new Terence Malick film!


▶ if this is the future, god/jah/buddha help us: white guys wearin oculus rifts


▶ Funny interview with John Carpenter
For example:

Q: After you heard his ideas for the score to The Thing, what did you say?
JC: I said, “Fewer notes.”


Q: Is your love of movies still strong?
JC: “Yeah, but my love of getting up at four in the morning is not. That love fades through the years. And I have this career behind me. I got to live my lifelong dream. I got to become a movie director! What the fuck? I didn’t know I have to keep doing it. I can do it when I want to.”


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