Detritus 334


▶ why simplicity (in music) sells



cat scratcher keyboard?


“Just by living and listening, we have all acquired deep musical knowledge”

more here


▶ at least we know who writes those annoying clickbait headlines now: so annoying


▶ nice glitchy wireframe music vid (can’t embed)


▶ fascinating TED talk – re extracting sound from visual movement starts @7.29 (thanks Pavel!)


“I think the artistic process is one of the great adventures left in our modern times. There are very few adventures left to be done by traveling anywhere because everyone has already been everywhere, but creation is still a great adventure.” – Wim Wenders

I missed this doco The Salt of the Earth about legendary photographer Sebastião Salgado at the NZ Film Festival last year, but I am so hanging out to see it – theres a short interview with Wim Wenders here


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