Detritus 346


Acid in your browser (works best in Chrome)


▶ new version of essential plug LowEnder released



▶ the best war sounds EVER!



▶ an incredible archive of Alan Lomax recordings


▶ yeech… YouTube is using loudness normalisation – I can understand why if the author of the work is audibly unskilled, but WTF is there no bypass for people who know what they are doing with audio levels???


▶ “what doesnt evolve stays in the realm of nostalgia” – wise words from the mighty Adrian Sherwood


▶ Inside Track: Björk’s Vulnicura (thanks Peter!)


▶ more info on this fantastic project


▶ vodka under a microscope = art!


emptyset – Collapse (thanks Jason!)


▶ check out Andrew Birds beautiful Echolocations project (thanks Greg)


more info here


▶ etch a sketch meets zen garden?


▶ i like these onion style funny music industry news items eg
– Punk scientists discover fourth chord
– Native Instruments offering failed DJ career with every purchase


▶ BBC are currently airing a series of beautiful audio works by Chris Watson – check them out here
(thanks Michael & Audrius!)


Isaac Newton vs Rube Goldberg from 2D House on Vimeo.


Monochromatic Tele Tubbies + Joy Division via


▶ Handy: use any controller with Pro Tools via the m audio protocol – via We do Sound Design community forum


▶ Hear why Harry Bertoias sonambient art still resonates (thanks Peter)



video : RYOICHI KUROKAWA, sound : AOKI takamasa


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