Detritus 352

▶ The Man Who Broke the Music Business aka the dawn of online piracy


▶ a few people commented about how my slowed down kiwi recordings sounded like dinosaurs, have a read HERE about the source sounds Gary Rydstrom used to create the dinosaur sounds for Jurassic Park


▶ beautiful & unexpected bird photography


▶ interview with Danish sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard (thanks Peter!)


“run!”…. “…how long is its power cord?” via


▶ Werner Herzog walks to Paris


Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.00.05 am

euclidean beats in your browser!


Shitty (camera) rigs


▶ CGI is getting worse?



▶ clever idea: automating clip gain in ProTools via a plugin!


“..every metaphor is seen momentarily as a mistake, but then suddenly as a deeper truth about the thing named and our relationship to it. The greater the stretch between the “thing” and the “name,” the deeper the potential truth.”

I’ve always loved that quote from Walter Murch, but always wondered where do metaphors come from?
Can metaphors be designed? perhaps…


Wry comedy: The Art Of Foley ep 1 here and ep 2 here


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