Detritus 361

nice ad promoting new drink Shuchu Regain by Suntory


▶ ever had someone say “i could do that” about a work of art? this


▶ (why) shouldn’t copyright be infinite?


▶ While the production values of House of Cards are excellent, the quality of sound is no accident – check out this fascinating article about production sound on the series and digital boom removal aka busting the frame! (thanks Rene)



▶ love these glitched tree photos


▶ if you’re considering attempting to crowd fund a project i’ve posted Craig Mods great analysis before but here is another useful read: Marian Call crunches numbers


▶ Differences between eye and camera and the practical implications


“It’s possible to travel thousands of miles to the other side of the world, to take a plane, three trains, two ferries and a bicycle, in order to stand completely still. It’s possible to see something so beautiful that your hyperconnected, over-informed thoughts calm into a wordless lullaby… – that is me in a nutshell!


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