Detritus 365

funny, but not half as interesting as tales of his recordings & instruments etc….


▶ humans versus algoirthms: who makes the better mixtape?


▶ Willie Christie on the Fripp/Eno NO PUSSYFOOTING album cover


▶ great long read on books – digital and real… and frankly, having just moved my X00 books from upstairs to downstairs I have a whole new appreciation for my own personal ‘real’ library…


▶ Listening to the wind on Gunkanjima


▶ “I often make decisions from a gut feeling. This has been the more successful path in business, rather than engaging in heavy market analysis that often looks backwards. I think it’s necessary to have a feeling of where things will go. Then you can create something new….” – fascinating tour of the Zeiss factory and interview with Dr. Winfried Scherle, ZEISS Executive VP…
“I believe it’s advantageous for the artist to have a really good lens and then make modifications to reduce some of the perfections by modifications. It never can work the other way around. You can’t take an inferior lens and add a filter to make it perfect.”


▶ a house built on calculus?




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