Detritus 366

by Phil Sansom & Olly Williams (UK) 2009

great one minute short film & 2009 winner of FilmMinute Festival


▶ The Diderot Effect (aka why we want things we don’t need < - explains some elements of G.A.S)

▶ “I’ve spent years going out of my way to avoid audio interfaces! (thanks Kris!)


▶ I’ve always relied on shooting long exposures to remove annoying tourists from photos but apparently there is an app/update for that coming


▶ How to weaponize your cat (& discover vulnerable wifi in your hood?)


▶ “more and more I am using Melodyne to do complex arrangements with my voice. I will then copy those arrangements over to the strings…” – guess the artist?


▶ I’ve used the dodge & burn tool in Photoshop a bit, but never seen the technique used IRL… (thanks Ian!)

Fotografia de gran formato, 20×25 (8×10"), large format photography from Ledicia Audiovisual on Vimeo.

mmmm medium format analog… one day…


▶ Caution! This article contains some very loud, mathematically synthesized tones (interesting, but seriously!! turn down now!)


▶ imho no car ad will ever surpass that Honda cog commercial from a year or three ago:

but this is kinda nifty…


▶ ordering new hard drives? make informed choices (thanks Nathan!)


▶ thoughtful read listing the ways ‘serious music’ has been devalued & degraded


▶ Soderburgh and season two of The Knick



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