Detritus 367

this is amazingly well done… and one of the most inventive (& somewhat disturbing) ads!


▶ pimping other peoples rides with ah… cardboard & masking tape?


▶ I take great care to avoid the trap of sounding like “a plugin with CV inputs” – guess who said this quote?


▶ He invented sampling, taught everyone from the Beatles to Bowie, and climbed up Big Ben to record its ticking. Meet Peter Zinovieff, grandfather of the synth


▶ “Consciously or unconsciously, I made a choice,” he said. “My time is limited, I choose art and beauty, vague as those terms are, against ugliness and horrors in which we live today. I feel my duty not to betray those poets, scientists, saints, singers, troubadours of the past centuries who did everything so that humanity would become more beautiful. I have to continue in my small way their work.” Detachment from these forces, he said, is what causes so many people to get old.


▶ TED Talk: The unexpected beauty of everyday sounds


▶ 3d printed ORTF microphone clips


▶ another interesting EMF listening device: MoleRat


▶ apparently it only takes two words for humans to identify someone we know!


▶ best non-fiction podcasts? here and this one caught my eye:
SongExploder “A podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made.” – the latest ep features composer Harry Gregson-williams discussing his score for recent film the Martian (an earlier ep featured Alexandre Desplat discussing his score for the Imitation Game)


▶ 50 Pieces of Advice for Filmmakers from Wim Wenders

19. Never fall in love with your temp music.

28. Fewer words are always better!

45. Some actors actually improve their dialogue in ADR.
46. Some actors should never be forced to loop a single line. (Even Orson Welles wasn’t good at that.)


Differential Beat Making Machine?


GleetchLab 4 work in progress!


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