Detritus 368

by Adrien M / Claire B


▶ love these: converting old cameras into desklamps


▶ Why self-driving cars must be programmed to kill


▶ I can’t feel my (fist in your) face!


▶ “Don’t have the stupid argument; don’t spend this day in a funk; and don’t waste it on all this nonsense. Just calm your ego to Hell, nothing else matters.” – great life advice from David Mitchell


▶ a book cover is like a great album cover – it alludes to the contents and when it really works it becomes iconic… and these beautifully animated minimalist book covers really (again) make me wonder why digital releases (music and books) dont offer more than a few crappy JPGs!? via open culture


▶ lots of live sets at ursss or on their vimeo account


▶ “a very quiet piece of architecture” – mini Tadao Ando doco on NOWNESS


The Lost Paradise is a new documentary about Arvo Pärt – more info here (thanks Stephen!)


▶ too much unobtanium in one place? perhaps, but one more week and the VEIMA synth/studio gear auction finishes… I mention this with the proviso you don’t bid against me 😉
Heres a direct link to a csv file of all listings & remember the 41st Vemia Auction closes Saturday November 7 (with Second Chance Sunday on November 8) & “lots are starting to close at 14:00 British time (15:00 CET)”
& mmmmm mint EMS Synthi previously owned by Pete Namlook (RIP)


▶ a great read about pioneering video artist Bill Violas early sound works


▶ “It’s strange to say, but the more often you do that, the better you actually are, even though it’s something new each time. You kind of have a ritual of how you get used to a new instrument.” – guess the artist?


TELEPRESENCE WIND by David Bowen – This installation consists of a series of 42 x/y tilting devices connected to thin dried plant stalks installed in the gallery and a dried plant stalk connected to an accelerometer installed outdoors. When the wind blows, it causes the stalk outside to sway. The accelerometer detects this movement transmitting it in real-time to the grouping of devices in the gallery. Therefore the stalks in the gallery space move in real-time and in unison based on the movement of the wind outside.



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