Detritus 369

Rob Carter – “The Measure of a Vine”, 2015
Two channel ultra HD video, 5 mins 15 seconds

In this video the vigorous growth and graceful movement of the noxious weed kudzu is visualized in a two-channel video. It combines scientific methodology devised by Charles Darwin and digital time-lapse technology to present two contrasting ways of perceiving and experiencing this controversial plant over a five-day period. Despite huge strides in the biological sciences, mimicking a 19th century experiment set up a symbiotic relationship between plant and artist, revealing our troublesome inability to comprehend ‘plant-time’ or the ‘plant-intelligence’ that we rely on for survival.


▶ looking forward to seeing/hearing MacBeth, especially after reading this great write up on sound post for the film


▶ Floating Point talks about his studio amongst other things…


▶ “much of what is told about the Bowls is false, and the authentic history and uses are far more interesting than all this New Age mumbo Gumbo”


▶ forget the knitting channel, heres a slow Rube Goldberg machine!


▶ mmmm beautiful turntables


▶ The Art Of The ‘Clean Version’ – “I can see a cuss word — you know, from doing so many clean edits,” Mullis says. “I don’t even have to listen to them a lot of times…”


▶ Q&A with Laurie Anderson via – looking forward to seeing her new film


▶ if you’ve ever thought your daisy chained power boxes in the studio were a bit messy, check this out


▶ Oil tank in the Scottish Highlands has the world’s longest ECHO at an incredible 75 seconds
(I guess they mean ‘natural’ echo – my Space Echo could go on for hours! And it does)


▶ Fascinating listening to some of these old cylinder recordings for example:
– Animal noises -cat, chicken, rooster, cow bird, followed by announcement (1890-1928)
– Bird imitations by Joe Belmont 1902
– Brown wax home recording of drum solo by William McKenzie, with a joke about a rabbit at the beginning
– Bell solo from The magic flute (love the weird warble the recording imparts)
– Shackleton describes his south polar expedition & a near death experience
– Bird sounds and piano (great album name!)


▶ EXCELLENT – a new plug in from Valhalla – get your PLATE (reverb) on!


▶ great career advice from Maureen O’Connell:


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