Detritus 370


▶ Roger Linn on swing, groove & the magic of the MPCs timing


▶ fascinating: Scientists ponder impact on species after finding singing adjusted to cope with urban din


▶ Free impulse response library by Echo Thief captured using “a new technology” which they are developing… Also lots of IRs here via Infinite Grain


▶ Matmos announce new washing machine album


▶ 46 years later its pay day for the Amen break


▶ interview with Rob Modell (& stream CD2 of new Deepchord album) and a quote: “I record at a pretty steady pace of 2­3 songs per month. I record them and just file them away, and every year or two, compile a collection of the ones that I like the best….”


▶ The man who listens to the sounds of the deep sea


▶ Tear ducts need a clean out? heart breaking photos of where Syrian refugee children sleep


SoundWorks Collection: The Music of Carter Burwell


▶ “Let death be what takes us, not lack of imagination”


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