Detritus 371

RANCH BEATS by Jarbas Agnelli


▶ new book worth a read on/by Timbaland: The Emperor of Sound: A Memoir – he was very funny on the Daily Show a week or so ago!


▶ Speaking of books, check out the Sonic Terrain book list


▶ always wondered what this Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia sounded like…


▶ “dysfunction this and dysfunction that….” – the art of the microcomplaint aka whining….


▶ The daily life of superheroes?


▶ Seinfeld door sensor?


▶ Facebook – love it or loathe it? Maybe worth a read about its effect


▶ this is nifty! make music as you type – Typatone


▶ Inside the Sony Hack


▶ Check out this site predicting awesome sunsets in USA: SunsetWx – via slate


▶ Whales make music EP/app thingy


▶ fascinating listen: cognitive reframing


▶ ravens can talk? who knew…


▶ interesting graphic score generator project: Karlheinz score scanner via cycling74

relatedly, i LOVE the idea of this wall sized graphic score
(apologies, cant remember where I frame grabbed it from)



▶ support UNFOLD – Ryoichi Kurokawas new work, on Kickstarter HERE
Would love to see his work live, check this out:

"Syn_" performance by Ryoichi Kurokawa, ACT Festival 2015 from Jorge Alves Lino on Vimeo.


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