Detritus 373


▶ great interview with Alessandro Cortini


▶ useful directory of audio podcasts


▶ if you work with sampled orchestral instruments this PDF is an invaluable read


▶ heh, the radicalization of luke skywalker



▶ “I believe in having a huge dirt pit that goes down to mother nature, which reduces pit ‘thumpf,’
– guess the foley artist?


▶ interesting idea: “speaker.motion is a mechatronic loudspeaker interface for dynamic manipulation of sound directionality in electroacoustic music. Driven with a stepper motor and servo, speaker.motion offers the user access to both pan and tilt parameters allowing for an extensive range of potential directions.”
– by Bridget Johnson


▶ “Four fault lines that are reshaping the audio landscape” – an interesting read, especially for podcast producers…



▶ “Countless artists from Van Gogh to Modigliani never got to enjoy their legacy’s fame and fortune…”
– broke youtube/instagram/social media ‘stars’ compare themselves to Van Gogh? whatever…


▶ I think its probably wise that drones must be registered in USA, and suspect it wont be long until the same happens here… but oh the irony


▶ great long exposure Street Photography by Martin Roemers


▶ I just installed Justins/The Cargo Cult new delay plugin: Slapper & wow!!!
Instant gratification – I got a multi tap quadraphonic delay pattern running in it & totally zoned out for an hour – highly reccomended (if in doubt, grab the 30 day demo & try it!)


▶ and here endeth detritus for the year….




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