Detritus 375


▶ This is your brain on nature


▶ “A: I always think about music horizontally and vertically at the same time. Also, to me, it’s very important the connections of harmony in time which is two-dimensional. Because similar to language, a meaning would be totally different if you change the syntax. The same thing happens in music

Q: Is there music currently being produced that’s particularly exciting you?

A: Not really.

Guess the composer?


▶ The allure of clicking shoes


▶ Sound Art Calls & Opportunities – thanks Jeff


▶ Dear Architects: Sound Matters


▶ How to “sketch” with electronics



▶ New Year Resolutions? thanks Grant Snider


▶ How to eliminate disposable batteries in production sound (I recently went through exactly this, as I discovered my new 788t ate batteries way faster than my 744 or 722… solution was a lot more spendy than I planned but most important of all: it was a great solution! No regrets)


▶ asking Steve Jobs ghost the hard questions 1 – WTF Steve?
▶ asking Steve Jobs ghost the hard questions 2 – WTF Steve?



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