Detritus 376

▶ wouter van Veldhoven: four tape recorder techniques for minimal techno: looping, delay, reverse delay and saturation


▶ interesting news that Kodak are releasing a new Super 8 film camera, but OMG it is so fugly… compare it with the Beaulieu on the left… The new Kodak one looks more like a small fridge


▶ A bird feeder/acoustic amplifier?


▶ via Expressivee


▶ interesting mallets for playing gongs


▶ word substitutions that make reading the news more fun: xkcd


▶ I’ve seen the gold vinyl that was sent with the Voyager 1 back in 1977 but had never seen the 116 images included to give ‘aliens’ an idea of human life



▶ 10 minute interview with Carter Burwell


▶ wow – highly stroboscopic short film


▶ 20 great movies with very little dialogue


▶ wow – Tri-X is 62


▶ Millenials & music – a funny rant about a lost generation (lost to corporate ‘music’?)


▶ interesting article about the influence of Japanese art & design on Bowie


relatedly I have a small wooden drum thing I bought in Vietnam that works similarly – it has a sprung beater & you hold the spoon part up to your mouth and as you change the shape/volume of your mouth it varies the pitch… I’ll upload a video demo of it, hmmm NEVER! 😉


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