Detritus 377

▶ Guitar doorbell – its actually a thing! (what chord would you tune it to?)


▶ nice idea – Police sketches of 5 literary characters based on their book descriptions


▶ wow – very impressive video stablization plug for AE – check the example drone shot here & make sure you watch the ‘before’ video


▶ this memey image makes me smile – you couldn’t pay me to listen to that ‘free’ music… but it also makes me wonder who made the image? Its like a weird form of grieving – which stage is anger? Tineye searched its 13.830 billion images and came up with…. nothing! Not even a single version… Any clues?


▶ great read by drummer Sterling Campbell about his work & experiences with Bowie – especially love the part about the experiments Bowie & Eno did on the band when exploring new music: “having the band play with “Baby Love” by The Supremes in our headphones. He told the band to play along with the song, but do something totally different from the song… David and Brian would listen to the results of the experiment and if they found something good, they would develop a song around it…. One time, Brian printed up characters for each of us, which we had to keep secret, and told us to play “in character.” This was mine….”


▶ trailer for THE CONNECTED WORLD – new doco by Werner Herzog



▶ love this beautiful Magne minimalist turntable



▶ how the violins f-hole came to be


▶ suspect i’ll keep posting random Bowie things forever more… but this is kinda funny – Bowie on Jonathon Ross show carries on to discuss his ‘inner thing’ & the phil collins effect… & laughing an Enos pants @15.05!


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