Detritus 378

▶ rest in peace Else Marie Pade – article from The Wire


▶ seems like my dream of a cellular/modular recorder might become real thanks to digigrid
(via protools expert)


▶ new doorbell anyone?



▶ some of my best friends are gifs


▶ imagination, beautifully personified by Gabriel Levesque


▶ xkcd: birdsong


▶ love these floating bonsai via Colossal
(except if i got one it would be dead within a week… boohoo floating mini compost)


▶ these warped drone photos are almost vertigo inducing!



▶ Toni Vicsonti breaks down David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ track-by-track from the original master tape – fascinating to hear the mic technique for recording the vocal (thanks Michael!)


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