Detritus 379

▶ Georgios Cherouvim: these soundscapes are generated solely by the data representing each object.
more info here


▶ download original Fairlight 8bit sound library disks here


▶ vinyl gifs? a site dedicated to vinyl visual loops


▶ the following video is for all the dialogue/ADR editors and voiceover recordists out there :/
brace yourself!!


▶ stream a dub workshop with Prince Fatty & Nick Manasseh


▶ intriguing sounds by Peter Speer: “Transforming a pulse stream into a variety of rainfall sounds: “Hurricane Under a Tarp” (starting at 0:02), “Rain On a Tin Shack” (starting at 0:40), “Carwash” (starting at 0:54), “Gutter Dripping on a Metal Plate” (starting at 1:12), “Rapidly Heating Pipes” (starting at 1:27) and finally “Storm At Sea” (starting at 2:03).”


▶ radioactive guitars? more info/pics here


▶ nice cardigan


▶ re-rain by Kouichi Okamoto – more info here


▶ #WordsOfData by Aleix Fernandez


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